Base Cartel - About us:

Born in LA, Base Cartel is heavily influenced by street style, finding a way to merge those trends into LA's solid cycling culture.

Our socks are made with polyamide using a synthetic blend. You will find our product is unique as our socks were one of the first to offer the feature of an open mesh both on the top of the foot and ankle for added breathability.

At Base Cartel, they believe a brand is born inside you. It’s the thought that starts a revolution, the motivator that makes your vision come to life.

Why we are the best for you!

Just as a sock is more than fabric and stitching, there is more to Base than our products. Everything we do is centred around the mindset of: We want you to be the best version of you!

Tested to last over time.

Through research and development, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding products that last.

Design through effectiveness.

With our 2 logo branding, we aim to clearly show you are wearing Base and believe in everything the brand represents

Mesh 2 death technologies

Using our Mesh 2 Death technologies we have created a fabric that wicks away sweat and stay in position throughout your ride

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